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Leipzig is about 850 years old and is still a city full of dynamic flair. Whatever you are looking for, in Leipzig everything is conveniently close. There are cultural highlights for music and art lovers, cafe culture, traditional restaurants, shopping in historic trade courtyards, and arcades, special recreational and leiure experiences and a colorful variety of nightlife.

Overview Leipzig

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Highlights in Leipzig

Leipzig has a lot to offer. Here you will find the highlights of the Trade Fair City Leipzig.


The Leipzig Gewandhaus has been an important cultural landmark in the city for more than 250 years. The famous Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra also plays in the Opera House and goes on world tours together with the Thomas Choir.


The rich history of the St. Thomas Church goes back to the 12th century. In 1539 Martin Luther preached the introduction of the Reformation and Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor of the St. Thomas Choir.

Völkerschlacht Monument

The 91 meter tall “Monument to the Battle of the Nations” is Europe’s largest war monument and is in remembrance of the war of liberation against Napoleon, which was the greatest battle in history prior to World War I.