white label
Hotel operator
in Europe.

Today Event Hotels is THE leading pan-European white-label hotel operator with its current portfolio represented in 50 European markets and past and present operational experience covering over 100 European destinations.

Our success over the past 25 years is based on “Hospitality at heart”. This is our promise to everyone who embarks on our journey, the core of everything we do, every decision we take.

We offer you a holistic partnership:

  • powerful central organization with full-service in-house support
  • long-standing business relationships and solid growth as the basis for all parties involved
  • alignment of interest by Event Hotels-co-investing in all assets and
    operation of its portfolio as an integrative investment strategy
  • family owned business represented by Anders Braks and backed up by corporate structure for quick andprofound decision making
Event Hotels Destinations in Europe
Always close to you

From Berlin to Florence, from Amsterdam to Munich – our current portfolio covers more than 50 destinations all across Europe. A wide network of corporate offices in Cologne, Berlin,

> 60 hotels, +50 markets

8 Offices

Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein ensures a comprehensive supervision of our assets and that we are always in close reach of our partners.

Our win-win-win set-up
Event Hotels Operations Structure

At Event Hotels we believe in trustful, involving partnership.

Event Hotels’ standard joint venture set-up aligns the interests of the three major stakeholders: PropCo, the owner of the asset, OpCo, holding the operating license and business, the contracts

and the employees, and Manager, being responsible for the proposal and successful implementation of the agreed business plan – a win-win-win setup to achieve our joint goal: to maximize the asset value.

Full service from one source

An owner’s mindset and a strong entrepreneurial spirit is tangible in our business model as well as in our organizational structure: Our central organization replicates all backoffice areas within hospitality – around 200 professionals provide a multitude of services to our hotels with improved consistency, at higher quality and

lower price, reducing the required structures on-site and ensuring the above market efficiency of our assets.

Our corporate governance within the company is safeguarded and maintained by a supervisory & investment company supported by our executive team.

Event Hotels Overview Shared Services
Our beliefs

We do the right things and we do things right


We take pride in our work and we celebrate success


We question the status quo to imagine new possibilities


We can be trusted and we trust each other possibilities


We embrace diversity as a root of our success

We drive sustainable growth with those who embark on our journey to shape the future of hotels and hospitality.

We will always strive to achieve the best result.

Anders Braks

founder and CEO of Event Hotels

Event Hotels History And Milestones
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